Posted July 21, 2014 by Michael Ernest in Culture

Singer Natalie Grant Stars In ‘Persecuted,’ A New Faith-Based Thriller

Natalie GrantSongstress Natalie Grant just added actress’ to her resumè by making her big screen debut  July 18, in the movie “Persecuted.”

Grant had shared on her Facebook page details about the movie, and how exciting the experience is for her. “I chose to be a part of this movie, not because I was trying to grandstand on any particular issue, but honestly, because I thought it would be fun and different and a challenge for me….. However, I also decided to do it because I have personally experienced that some who are screaming loudest for tolerance are the ones who are displaying the greatest intolerance. I do not believe you can legislate morality, and I am not a proponent of trying to force my beliefs or view of righteousness on anyone. I’m much more a proponent of living what you believe, instead of shouting it or waving it on a sign.”

The highly anticipated film shot to No. 1 on iTunes Movie Trailer and Most Popular lists. After the release of the trailer, the film started being heralded as the ‘House of Cards’ for Christians.

The film stars James Remar (Dexter), Dean Stockwell, and Raoul Trujillo.