Posted June 23, 2010 by The Underground Staff in Commentary and News

Michigan police arrest Christians for sharing faith

Four Christians were arrested and jailed recently at Dearborn, Mich. for alleged “disorderly conduct” and “disruptive behavior” at an Arab festival, the Detroit Free Press said.

The Christians were David Wood of New York, Nabeel Qureshi of Virginia and two others affiliated with Acts 17 Apologetics.

They were distributing Christian flyers to Muslims at the Dearborn Arab International Festival, the Detroit Free Press said.

On their website, www.answeringmuslims.com Qureshi said they did not approach anyone, but that they spoke to everyone who approached them. They said very little about Islam, but did affirm many times that they loved all Muslims.

When one person asked why, Qureshi said, “Because Jesus loves you, and he told me to love you.”

Qureshi said in the website that a festival volunteer was upset with their being at the festival. The Christians asked, “What are we doing wrong?” The volunteer replied, “Put the camera and the microphone down, and I’ll tell you.” When they did so, he said, “Get away from me!” and they walked away.

After some 20 minutes they were arrested as the crowd shouted, “Allahu Akbar.” Their website includes footage and photos of the arrest. All four Christians were later released on bail, the Detroit Free Press said.

Qureshi stressed in the website that he met “a ton of awesome people at the festival,” but he also said he met people who deliberately lied about their actions and who were offended by the cameras.

“But if it weren’t for the cameras, no one would know the truth of what is happening in Dearborn,” he wrote.

Included in their website is a statement from another witness who submitted photos and described what he saw.  The witness’ last name is withheld for his own privacy.

A second video on the website also shows the Christians distributing flyers, this time outside the entrance to the festival, on a public road.

After just three minutes, they were asked by the police to distribute the flyers five blocks away, even though they were doing no harm.

According to the Detroit Free Press, last year Qureshi posted a video on YouTube of himself and another among the men who was arrested. Qureshi said in his blog that the video disputed lies that the security detail had said regarding the incident.

By posting the video on YouTube, the Christians were vindicated. However, simply for posting it last year, a controversy had erupted, the Detroit Free Press said.