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Let’s end bullying: Teen publishes book to combat bullying

Editor’s note: If you or someone you know is being bullied, please tell someone you can trust. There is also a resources section at the end of this article to help you get the assistance you need.

You’re ugly. You’re short. Eww, you’re so hairy and gross.

In her short time on earth, Cara Losh, 16, has had all kinds of insults hurled at her.  Most of those jabs have come from the mouths of bullies.

Bullies are people who verbally or physically assault peers for enjoyment. For bullies, lets end bullying 300x200 Lets end bullying: Teen publishes book to combat bullyingputting down other people make them feel a sense of power.

Researchers are unsure what turns a person into a bully.  According to U.S. Government website, Stop Bullying Now!, there is no stereotypical bully profile.

Sometimes people are bullies because they enjoy being cruel. Others are bullies because they feel a sense of entitlement.

Denise Losh, Cara’s mom, said the first time she remembers Cara being bullied was in the Fourth grade, when “a boy pushed her down and was kicking her and other kids joined in.”

However, Cara said the bullying began even earlier.

“The earliest I remember being bullied was when it all started when I was 8,” said Cara.

“It made me really sad, and for a long time I didn’t feel like I belonged anywhere. I felt that no matter what school I would go to I would still not belong.”

Now that Cara is older, she is learning to cope with being bullied. One of the big ways she is coping is by becoming an advocate for others who are being bullied.

“I decided to take a stand against bullying because after everything I went through and saw that people were taking their lives every day, I didn’t want people to have to go through the same thing and wanted to put an end to it,” she said.

One of the primary tools she hopes to use to get the word out about bullying is her book, “Words Do Hurt- Let’s End Bullying!

Her eye-opening expose peels back the layers and gives readers a glimpse into the world of a bullied teen.

end bullying cover 202x300 Lets end bullying: Teen publishes book to combat bullying

Words Do Hurt- Let’s End Bullying! cover. Image courtesy Cara Losh.

“I decided to write about bullying not only to share my story, but to also encourage others who are going through the same thing and share my faith in the process,” she said.

The main way that Cara has learned to cope with being bullied is by relying on Christ. She said that throughout it all, Jesus was her Constant Companion, helping her weather the storm.

“Being a Christian has helped me get through it because I have true hope and joy,” she said.

“Because of that, I know that no matter what the bullies say about me, I’m beautiful in God’s eyes; I know that He made me special and no matter who doesn’t like me or hates me, Jesus will always love me. That is what matters.”

Cara’s book, “Words Do Hurt- Let’s End Bullying!” is available on Amazon. 



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