Posted July 27, 2011 by The Underground Staff in Culture

Justin Bieber, dad, get Jesus tattoos together

Justin Bieber and his father got matching tattoos recently with the name of Jesus in Hebrew on their left ribcages.

A newly-released photo showed the father and son, topless, with their matching “Yeshua” tattoos. They were photographed in Israel, where they got the tattoos done.

Justin Bieber and Dad get matching "Yeshua" tattoos. Yeshua is Jesus in Hebrew.

Father and son were in Israel for a show that Bieber had last May. It was part of an extended tour that started in England in March. During their spare time, they got the tats.

The tattoos say Yeshua, which is Hebrew for Jesus. They were done last May, just before Justin flew to Hawaii near the end of the month to be with Selena Lopez, his girlfriend.

Jeremy posted pictures of himself and Justin in the parlor while they were having their tattoos done, in Facebook. Among the photos shown was Justin grimacing and clutching his father’s hand for support.

Justin, 17, has another tattoo of a seagull inked on his left hip, which was done when he turned 16. Before then, he had a star tattoo placed on his elbow, both with his parents’ permission.

Although he is still underage, the new tattoo is legal because he was with his father when they were done, indicating parental permission. Jeremy himself has a number of other tattoos.

The tattoo could be clearly seen when Justin was in Hawaii with Gomez in late May.

Justin has always been open about his Christian faith. Before performing onstage, he prays in both Hebrew and English. During his recent visit to the Holy Land he visited its religious sites and told Christian Today that the experience was “truly special.”

Bieber enjoys a great relationship with his father, but it doesn’t follow that his childhood was perfect. He was largely raised by his mother Pattie Mallette, but always kept a close relationship with his father.

“I have a great relationship with my Dad,” the Daily Mail quoted Bieber. “When I was younger, he taught me how to play some songs on the guitar, like Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door by Bob Dylan. He taught me how to drive, too. He’s cool.”