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Can You Hear Me?

Recently, I watched the movie Tommy. I had a good reason for watching it too-I used to enjoy it. If you are unfamiliar with The Who’s classic operatic rock saga, it’s about a "deaf, dumb and blind" pinball...

Word from Scotland’ from Sandy Shaw: When it Comes to Prayer, Persist, Persevere, Even Pester God

  In Luke Chapter 18, we come to verses which deal with prayer – one of the hardest things in the whole world. That is why so few people pray. Reading the Bible is hard – prayer is harder. Watching television &...

Word from Scotland-Count The Cost Because Jesus Christ Wants Salty Disciples

Jesus is teaching us - be prepared to complete the tower - and win the battle! Do you have the resources for both?

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Greek Thoughts

DIOKO* – To pursue, chase, follow after, persecute – Part Two Please note that all Biblical quotes, in this and all other lessons posted to Greek Thoughts, are from The Literal English Translation of the Bible produ...