Posted June 10, 2014 by Kinyua Njeri in Commentary and News

Brazil’s Catholic Church complains about upcoming World Cup

The Catholic Church in Brazil has made it known that it’s not happy with FIFA or the Brazilian government.

In brochures distributed last week, the country’s Bishops Conference criticized the government for its exorbitant spending in the preparations of the world’s most anticipated game. The group called the nation’s liberal spending on preparation for the World Cup an “inversion of priorities in the use of public money.”

Brazil is expected to spend more than$11 billion to host the World Cup. The money, the brochures read, should have been directed to other important sectors of people’s welfare such as sanitation, security and education.

According to Reuters, the Bishops wrote; “The Church wants to contribute to the public debate and express its concern with … the inversion of priorities in the use of public money that should go to health, education, basic sanitation, transportation and security.”

In addition, the Bishops faulted the World Cup organizers for their displacement of Brazilians form their land during the construction of the mega-structural stadiums.

Despite the Brazilian Bishops’ move, Pope Francis is a passionate football fan.