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ACLU caught representing no one, but continues pursuing case

The ACLU has been caught fighting against defendants in a case without having any plaintiffs to represent.
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Human Trafficking in America: a different kind of “drug war”

Human Trafficking within the United States is becoming as prevalent as international human smuggling.

The Da Vinci Probe: What did Da Vinci really know about the Last Supper?

Why do people think the 14th century artist Da Vinci knew so much about Jesus and the Last Supper?

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Mississippi is fourteenth state to forge “Personhood Amendment”

Personhood amendments, aiming to guarantee human rights to the unborn, are moving forward in fourteen states.

Muslim-Christian relations hampered — Morocco expels large groups of Christian workers, businessmen

Morocco - long known for religious tolerance although it is ruled by Islamic law - suddenly expelled numerous Christians.

Pediatricians advise against encouragement of gender-confused behavior

The American College of Pediatricians has come out against the approval of various sexual orientations - a move that could prove contrary to political correctness.

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Survey reveals alarming increase in television violence against women

Teens may view violence against women as acceptable and normal due to the increase in television and movie violence against women.
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‘Health of the mother clause’ has some uneasy about Executive Order No. 13535

President Obama's Executive Order allowing federally funded abortion in the cases of rape, incest and "health of the mother" is a controversial addition to the new health care bill.
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Update: At-home Bible study ban lifted in Arizona city

The city of Gilbert, AZ. has reconsidered its restrictions on religious assemblies in private homes.


What every Christian needs to know about Passover

Passover is the Jewish holiday commemorating Pharoah's release of the Israelites from slavery in Moses' day.