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Artist Spotlight: About A Mile

About A Mile

Brothers Adam, Levi, and Luke Klutinoty are nothing short of a blessing to many. Not every day does one get to see a band of three brothers with the mission of lifting God through music. The brothers from the blue collar town of Pittsburgh together make up the group About A Mile. Together, their rock-sensibilities with rollicking hooks and thought provoking lyrics has won lots of hearts. After recording with Grammy-award winner Howard Benson and renowned Grammy-nominated and Dove Award-winning Producer and songwriter Ian Eskelin, the band released their debut self-titled album which has since gained a good amount of traction.

The band spoke with The Underground about everything from their name to the journey so far, and the making of their acclaimed self titled album that we reviewed HERE.

One of the first things that stand out about any band is usually their name. The moniker ‘About A Mile’ was inspired by Jesus Christs’ journey to Calvary where He carried the cross that man deserved to for About A Mile so he could die for us.

The band of brothers led by Adam gave further insight on the name About A Mile stating that where it came from.

“The Via Dolorosa (Latin, ‘Way of Grief, ‘Way of Sorrows,’ ‘Way of Suffering’ or simply, ‘Painful Way’) is a street, in two parts, within the Old City of Jerusalem, held to be the path that Jesus walked, carrying his cross, on the way to his crucifixion.”

They love their name and its representation so much that they went the route of having a self-titled album.

“We did that because we love what our name stands for, we’re new on the scene and trying to introduce ourselves and because naming it after one song on the album might make the rest feel bad! That sounds funny, but these songs are really important to me. I feel a million different emotions when I listen to them, and my mind goes back to where I was when they were written. I wanna throw up when I hear the idea of a filler song. We believe in all 12 of these tracks and the message they carry that’s why we recorded them!”

About A Mile describes their sound as “Unique, bold, passionate music with a message.” Their music is also personal at times, and they hope the message of their songs resonates with people. An example is their lead single “Satisfied” which one can easily relate to at any point in time.

about a mile

“‘Satisfied’ resonates with me the most right now. I read a story today about a girl whose dad lost her job, and the song reminded her that our God is always faithful.”
“We are also driving and sleeping in Vandisa ALOT on tour these days! We named our van that because it’s overcome a lot throughout the last few years! Dreaming about how much we want a pizza and a bed to sleep in has been halted by “ Satisfied” coming on the radio” Adam added with amusement.

The conversation took a rather theological turn when Adam discussed the most significant moment in Jesus’ journey.

“Jesus was on a journey to the cross ever since the day he was born! The moment in his life that stands out to me right now is mentioned in Luke 9:23 Then he said to them all:
“Whoever wants to be my disciple must deny themselves and take up their cross daily and follow me.” he highlighted

“First he told us what to do, then not long after he led by example.”

Adam, Luke and Levi have been playing music for as long as they can all remember, but the formation of the band came right high school. They all knew music was in the book at a pretty young age speaking on the journey so far.

“The journey so far has been a great adventure as Steven Curtis Chapman would say.” Adam laughs. “We never really thought about it when we were kids, we just had as much fun as possible figuring it would come to an end after high school. When Ian Eskelin discovered us and brought us to WORD, we knew our dream to make an amazing record would come true.”

Adam added how grateful they are for this road they are on.

“We’re just thankful for the opportunity and excited because we know the journey’s just begun.”

For the band, it is ecstatic to see all this come alive, to see dreams start coming true.

“As a band we put everything we have into this album! Holding the finished product in our hands for the first time was indescribable!”

As far as challenges of being a new artist goes exposure is rated number one.

“One of the biggest challenges is getting the word out” Adam stated.

For Adam, some of the high points so far has been his music reaching people and touching lives.

“For me personally it’s been having random people hearing our first single “ satisfied” on the radio and telling us how it’s affected them. It’s very humbling! We pray and are thankful for those people and the radio stations that reach them.” Adam shared.

No member of About A Mile is married, and they can relate to a lot of challenges single people go through.


“It’s not always easy to be patient.” Adam pointed out.

While talking about the challenges of the single live Adam dished out some advice.

“Don’t settle for less or cast your pearls to swine! DON’T play with or break the hearts of God’s princesses! Rely on God’s grace.”

“I see marriages like my parents’ and it’s a no brainer… that’s why I’m looking for a girl that loves God more than she loves me! You can’t be in a hurry to find a diamond in the rough” He continued.

Adam humorously credited some of his good dating choices on music.

“At times staying home and playing guitar all night has kept me from going out with girls I shouldn’t…But then again playing guitar is probably the only reason they wanted to go out with me anyway. I guess my advice would be to play keyboard!”

About A Mile hinted that they were already writing music for their next album and three years from now they hope to be celebrating the release of a new record.

The brothers of for King and Country who have been here for a while now is one of the band’s inspiration.

“We look up to For KING & COUNTRY – they are extremely tall guys. We also love their music! Sidewalk Prophets and Francesca Battistelli are also our label mates, and we look up to them a lot.”

However in terms of collaboration they are eyeing some names we didn’t see coming.

“SRV, P.O.D., King David, All Star United and many more.”

About A Mile has been on the road, and they look forward to playing bigger venues and more gigs.

When it is all said and done About A Mile is a band whose main core is pushing the gospel of Christ through music.

“Soli Deo Gloria, which means glory to God alone! Let our music help you fix your eyes on him and not us.” Adam concluded.