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Album review: The Invisible by Daniel Bashta

invisible daniel bashta Album review: The Invisible by Daniel BashtaDaniel Bashta recently released his highly anticipated sophomore album The Invisible .

In 2011, Bashta released his debut album titled The Sounds of Daniel Bashta which garnered significant recognition.

The album featured songs  such as Pursuit  which featured Jesus Culture’s Kim Walker Smith and God’s Not Dead (Like A Lion).

After such a gargantuan impacting debut album, it is a thing of joy to see that Daniel is still out to make life-changing worship songs.

On The Invisible, Bashta embarks on a journey of seeking the real Jesus and not just religion on the album’s opening track I Want It All (Just Give Me Jesus).

I Want It All (Just Give Me Jesus) is an elevating song that speaks of a sincere longing for Jesus.  It was inspired in part by Melody Green’s book, “No Compromise.”

The next song, Praise the Invisible is a song of praise to the invisible Spirit, God. It’s an earnest exaltation of the invisible and immortal one who has everything in his control.

After such a gargantuan impacting debut album, it is a thing of joy to say that Daniel is still out to make life-changing songs.

Deliver Us is a violin-laced cry to God. When we are in desperate need of deliverance, we  run to God and pray for Him to delivers us, and He does.

Let Hope In is a brilliant song of hope that touches your heart. If you have ever had a loved one called “barren” or if you have gone through a stage of childlessness, then this song will probably break you.

Undone has a folk-rock vibe, yet it’s a worship song. It feels like a mix of Gungor and Hillsong tunes. All-in-all though, it’s a terrific , celebratory song that stands out.

Great Is the Lord is the first pure pop song on the album. Daniel soars on this great song as he lifts his voice to glorify God. He recounts the goodness and greatness of God in the song and then brings the song to an end with a skillful display of instrumentation your normal pop song won’t have.

In the Ruins is a fantastic song that reminds me of something the rock band Muse might come up with.It  tells the story of finding beauty in the broken. The message is thought-provoking just like Casting Crown’s song Jesus, Friend of Sinners.

By My Side is ultra-modern and hip. It has a country-pop vibe. It’s a song about faith and trusting in God.

Behold the Lamb closes the album, and I think it is one of the very best songs on this gem of an album. The song is a spine-shivering worship number featuring the subtle sounds of acoustic guitar and piano. This is the kind of song that makes God smile.

The Invisible is undeniably  Bashta’s best work so far. The engineering, mixing and instrumentation are just invigorating.  He  is never scared of singing, writing and ultimately experimenting with sounds. He gets it right every single time on The Invisible.  The sound and vibe of the album is organic, real and fresh. Clearly this album is yet another one that will mark Daniel’s footprint in the sands of time.

Best Songs

Let Hope In

I Want It All (Just Give Me Jesus)

Praise The Invisible

In The Ruins

Behold The Lamb