Posted August 12, 2014 by Michael Ernest in Culture

Album Review: ‘God City USA’ By Canton Jones

canton_jones_god_city_usaCanton Jones isn’t one to run short of songs or creativity.

His last project, a mixtape, “Lust, Drugs, and Gospel,” had 18 tracks (if you include the skits) that were exceptional.

His new album “God City USA” comes just months after the release of the mixtape.

At the heart of it all, Jones is a worshiper and that is demonstrated when he takes on songs like “Jesus,” “No One Greater,” and “You Are.”

“You Are” featuring John Waller is rich with so many intricacies.

“More Of You” is reminiscent to a tune from Beckah Shae’s 2012 album “Rest.” The song also features Darlene McCoy.

Speaking of collaborations one of the high points of the album is during the Isaac Carree assisted tune “Like You.” The vibrato and vocal stylings displayed in the tune just can’t go unnoticed.

“Crazy” has a Rick Ross kind of element as it features a roar (or is it a grunt?) that is similar to the signatory sound the aforementioned rapper is known to make; however this is a full blown praise tune with hip-hop and rock elements. It is one of the fascinating songs on the album.

“Glory To God,” and “God Looks Good on You” are ingeniously catchy.

One of the most disappointing songs on the 17-track album is “Let’s Get Started” because I just couldn’t relate to it in terms of the theme or arrangement. Hit maker Dark Child was tapped to create this tune. Unfortunately it sounds like the 2980 other electronic songs on the radio.

Another wishy-washy tune in my opinion is “My Team.” The song features rap bars from several rappers like Big Ran, Tonio, Erica Cumbo and Mark Griffin. The charismatic styles of each act are met by the predictable, mediocre beats. Don’t get me started on the (out of place) EDM inspired song “Amazing.”

In conclusion, the album as a whole doesn’t lack creativity and experimentation, but it fails to dramatically stand out as one of groundbreaking records I have heard this year.