Posted August 26, 2013 by Michael Ernest in Culture

Album review: ‘Feed your Soul’ by Christa Wells

feed your soul 300x300 Album review: Feed your Soul by Christa Wells

After one solo album and two EPs Songwriter Christa Wells returns with Feed Your Soul.

Christa  is best known for writing “Held.”  It is one of the most heart-breaking, yet heart-warming songs ever.  The song, which focuses on dealing with the death of a loved one while holding on to faith in God, earned Christa the GMA Songwriter of the year back in 2006.

Christa, a mother of five, has also penned great songs for and with recording artists Point of Grace, Plumb, Selah, Sara Groves, Nicol Sponberg, and Jessica Campbell. “Day by Day,” a song Christa co-wrote with Plumb, was recorded by Point of Grace and reached #1 on the Contemporary Christian Market charts.

Her new album, “Feed Your Soul,” puts me into a time machine and back to the time where music was passionate, soulful, meaningful and colorful (maybe the 80s?).

This album is soulful to the core. Every single song is a story; this is one of the most artistic albums I have heard this year.

Christa Wells writes so beautifully and colorfully. When listening to her music I could actually picture the words coming to life, she is indeed gifted.

“Vanity Vanity” welcomes one to this soulful journey! Christa’s soothing voice welcomes one in this story of a song about vanity. She personifies vanity as it gets to the character in the song who is trying to rid of it by journeying to the river to drown it.

“Have Your Eyes Open” is a guitar driven poetic ballad, the harmonization and melody is impeccable. “This Thing Is Not Going To Break You” is a long song title – the thought I had when I saw the title. Let’s talk about the song: Key instrument – Piano; Message – Encouragement to move beyond a situation; Vocals – Mind-blowing; Tempo – Unpredictable and enjoyable.

If you love The Civil Wars then you will love “Shine.” And if music had colors then “Shine” would have a beautiful display of colors. Shine shares the message of standing out and not conforming to the pattern of this world. Love that voice of the little girl that helped with the backup vocals.

In “Feed Your Soul,” the album title track, Christa calls on listeners to feed their soul if they are empty and pockets are full If they are empty and the house is full if empty and want to feel whole.

Songs like “Renovate” sometimes scare me — songs that call upon God to break us, to tear us down, to bring us our knees just to make us better children. Just to advance the kingdom and for God’s glory, “Take all the time all you need make something out of me even if it means you tear me down,” Christa sings.

In a complete admiring manner Christa references God as our defense in “You Are My Defense.” When in the valley and stuck in a situation just like the psalmist proclaimed God is our defense.

In the standard of an album like this, “The Way You Love Me” is a bit up-tempo. The teeny bit of increase in the tempo is refreshing to hear. Christa more or less thanks and appreciates her loved ones in “The Way I Am.” I loved her honesty and dedication to her loved ones. A male vocalist is joined by others to sing with her towards the end of the song.

Christa Wells writes so beautifully and colorfully. When listening to her music I could actually picture the words coming to life, she is indeed gifted.

“Feed Your Soul” is one of those rare pieces like J.J. Heller’s “Loved” album. Music like this is usually underrated and unappreciated, but it is usually the most beautiful and melodic music.

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